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Total Terminals will revolutionise the way you do business. Harnessing private cloud computing, we provide a centralised, fast and secure environment for your business to operate within. By utilising the power of the cloud, all the computer processing is handled by our high-end cloud servers, removing the need for costly hardware and complicated infrastructure in your workspace.

Replacing the need for bulky desktop hardware, our low-cost tiny terminals are optimised for cloud connection, saving space, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Earth Friendly


Our tiny terminals are designed to use minimal power, comprised with optimal hardware to operate as a mere window to the cloud server. This reduces power consumption to approximately 25% of that used by standard desktop computers when idle. Under load, this can be reduced to as little 5% of desktop computer power consumption.

Due to the small size of our tiny terminals, minimal amounts of precious metals are needed to manufacture them, further reducing the overall impact your business has on the climate.

Reduced operational costs.

By using Total Terminals for your business computing we offer significant savings to your operational costs. With zero maintenance required for our thin terminals, coupled with substantial power saving, and the optional support of our expert IT team to maintain your servers, we are confident you will see a considerable saving on your overall IT expenses.

Top Features

Reduced Costs

By using Total Terminals we garantee you will see a reduced cost on not only your IT, but also power and downtime.

Secure Cloud

By utelizing our VPN services, you can ensure your cloud severs are secure.

Dedicated 24\7 Support

All support staff are based in Melbourne. We offer phone support during business hours, and quick turnaround email/ticket support outside of that.

Access anywere

Forgot to email a document? Need to finish your work from home? On the road and need to access your workstation? Total Terminals can be accessed from anywere on any device.

Secure Backups

All servers hosted with us have a twice weekly backup included. Restore individual files or the entire system. We keep a copy of the last 5 backups as well. Offsite and incremental buckups optional.

Zero Maintenace Workstations

The thin terminals are designed to require zero maintenance providing a huge saving on maintenance costs. And if the unit fails, simply plug in another one and off you go!!