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Why Choose Total Terminals?

Offering fully customisable resources, SSD standard, dedicated RAM, premium services like self-healing failover, advanced control panel, resource upgrade/downgrade scheduling, http monitoring and alerting, hardware firewall access, Windows and many Linux variants to choose from, and 100% Australian support & servers.

All our servers are semi-managed. Total Terminals is one of the few companies you can directly engage ITIL defined level 3 support technicians who are in Australia via phone, live chat or email free of charge for any requests with regards to operating system or common application installation, updates, troubleshooting or performance advice.

Australian Based Server

All our servers are located in our Melbourne data center.

Self-Healing Failover

In the event that the physical computer your VPS is running on fails, our systems detect this and automatically mount your VPS on another available computer.

Your own private RAM

All our VPSs provide 100% dedicated RAM, we don't risk overcommitment with burstable/shared RAM.

Guaranteed CPU share

Our advanced virtualization system ensures that all VPSs get a guaranteed share of CPU cycles.

Dedicated IP Address

You receive a public dedicated IP address, you can order more through our control panel.

Fast RAID SSD Storage

All storage is fast 100% SSD RAID storage. That is over 100x faster than SAS or SATA.

Fast, redundant tier-1 bandwidth

Our premium bandwidth providers combine to provide fast access to your VPS from anywhere in Australia.

Extensive choice of operating systems

Offering Windows and many Linux variants including popular Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and more.

Australian Support

All support staff are based in Melbourne. We offer phone support during business hours, and quick turnaround email/ticket support outside of that.

Managed Hardware Firewall

We can firewall out any unwanted traffic at the hardware level before it reaches your VPS. You can setup your allow firewall rules in our control panel, then enable the firewall to block all other ports.